It doesn’t have to be lonely

Being “small” as a church isn’t about a point of “pride,” but it should not be a point of shame, either.

But being “small” will sometimes give a feeling of being marginalized, pitied, etc.

What needs to happen for Blue Chip Pastors is a movement of conversation. Not a blog post. Not a book. A conversation.

When I first got into ministry and was planting a church, it was going awful. I was young, only had ideas, and was struggling. Another church was being planted in an area not far from my town, so when our pastors got together at sectional meetings, this other church planter would be there as well. He was “well funded.” He was the “district’s” church. In my tiny little mind this guy had no problems.

After one particular meeting he came up to me and asked how I was doing.

“Fine.” Easy answer.

“Well, I’m doing lousy,” he blurted out. He decided to be honest. He had no place else to go and as it turned out, we were in the same exact boat with the same exact frustrations. Out of that came a lot of encouragement and the will to keep on in ministry.

A conversation needs to be started. You and one other minister. You don’t know if THEY are doing well, but you know you’re struggling. Somehow you know this may be a person you could be honest with… so you risk huge and just start the conversation.

“I’m struggling. Could we talk?”

Maybe you’re doing okay at the moment, but you sense someone else needs that freedom to just be honest. You can start that conversation. It’s not huge. There isn’t a crowd. It may never get written up in any article or noticed at any church council. But you start. You have the conversation.

It doesn’t have to be lonely.

It’s not about being bitter. It’s not about being marginalized. It’s realizing we have a “both/and” world when it comes to churches, sizes, etc., and where you are is a struggle at times. Find the courage to have the conversation.

You be the one to make the call, buy the coffee, whatever the venue of your choice may be…

But start. One on one.

If it fails? Start up another conversation.

Keep talking. Because silence will not heal the situation.

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