Are you leading your church through Lent? As a Pentecostal, this is NOT my background, to say the least. Yet, over the years I have embraced it more. Tonight we will do our second Ash Wednesday service.

If you are not from a liturgical background, do you lead your church through this time?

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One thought on “Lent

  1. Was once a evangelical pastor, now Lutheran.

    One of the joys I’ve found here is the “church calendar, especially the seasons of expection – Advent and Lent. A time to review life and know the brokenness we live amid, that we would realize the blessing of knowing Christ’s coming for our people.

    Here is the summary of this year’s “theme” for our special midweek services. It’s a walk through the Old Testament Beattitudes – the life described in the Decalogue.

    “In Ephesians 2:10, God reveals to us that we are His finest creations His masterpiece, that our lives are His poiema, that we were created for good works which He has created. In the great commission in Matthew 28:20, we are told to guard this commissioned masterpiece (often translated keep/obey commandments) And in Exodus 20, that masterpiece is described, the way of life God commissioned, described in relationship to Him.
    You see what we call the 10 Commandments, or the Decalogue is simply that, the way God designed for our lives to be, as we live in relationship to the Him, the God who loves us enough to deliver us. The Decalogue isn’t just the law, but gospel revealed in us, the life we are freed from all oppression to live, for we are risen with Christ.”

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